16 March 2019

15 photos to inspire you to holiday in Fiji!

Bula! I'm back fresh from eight incredible nights in Fiji and I had such an amazing time. It was my first visit to Fiji in the Pacific Islands and I already can't wait to return.


27 February 2019

Lake Bled, Slovenia Travel Guide

Out of all the places I visited on my recent six-week trip to Europe, Lake Bled was my ultimate favourite. I'd seen it so many times in pictures but nothing compares to laying your eyes on it in real life. It's a slice of Slovenian paradise and one of the most beautiful places I've been to.


19 February 2019

A Wine Lover's Dream Tour from Lisbon, Portugal

During my recent week in Lisbon, one of my top highlights was doing a Setúbal Region Wine Tasting tour with Taking U There.

This private guided tour is a true wine lover's dream and it was a fantastic day out visiting two different wineries and a special liqueur producer in the Setúbal region. I absolutely loved learning about and trying the high-quality (and very well-priced!) wines and seeing more of Portugal's picturesque countryside.


15 February 2019

A Perfect Stay at Main Street Hotel Ypres, Belgium

On my recent first visit to Belgium, I began in the historical town of Ypres. I spent two wonderful nights at Main Street Hotel, which was my favourite place I stayed at in my whole six weeks in Europe.


11 February 2019

A Taste of Slovenia: Ljubljana's Must-Do Foodie Tour

I was most excited to visit Ljubljana, Slovenia on my recent European travels. I had heard so many wonderful things, including that it's one of the most underrated capital cities in the world.

I absolutely loved my time there and I already can't wait to return. My favourite thing I did was join one of LjubljanaYum's Food Walk Tours, Ljubljana Essentials. It was an incredible afternoon of experiencing the yummy side of the alps and discovering some amazing Slovenian cuisine.


5 February 2019

Incredible Tour from Lisbon: Sintra, Cascais & Pena Palace

During my six nights in the incredible capital city of Portugal, one of my favourite days was doing the Sintra, Cascais & Estoril Tour with Inside Lisbon.


31 January 2019

Checking In: Where to stay in Bruges, Belgium

On my recent first visit to Belgium, I spent two incredible nights in the romantic town of Bruges.
I stayed at the award-winning Eco-Hotel Fevery Brugge which was super cosy, great value for money and had the friendliest service. If you are heading to Bruges yourself, then this family-run hotel is a perfect choice.


24 January 2019

How to spend the perfect first day in Lisbon

I'd heard so many fantastic things about Lisbon and Portugal and I couldn't wait to visit for the first time. I spent six incredible nights in the capital city and loved it so much I'm still dreaming of moving there.

My time kicked off to a fantastic start thanks to Inside Lisbon's Experience Walk.
In a small group, you get shown around by a friendly and passionate local guide to hidden local places, beautiful squares, spectacular viewpoints, and you get to try some of the top local cuisines and even catch a ferry.

21 January 2019

Berlin's Must-Do Secret Food Tour

Being a huge fan of German cuisine and heading to Berlin, I immediately signed up for Secret Food Tours Berlin, an award-winning company that runs foodie tours worldwide that I'd heard so much about.


16 January 2019

When is the best time to visit New Zealand?

Ever wondered when the best time to visit New Zealand is? There’s no simple answer.
It depends on your weather preferences and what type of experiences you’re chasing.

14 January 2019

A Perfect Stay at Hotel Indigo Berlin Alexanderplatz

Thrilled to be back in the capital of Germany, I spent four incredible nights at Hotel Indigo Berlin in Alexanderplatz, a boutique hotel inspired by its local neighbourhood in the heart of Berlin.

I could not have been more impressed by my cosy room with a view, the friendly service and amazing food. If you are wanting to stay in Alexanderplatz (which is my favourite area to stay in Berlin), then this hotel is an excellent choice.


10 January 2019

Shanghai's Must-Do Food Tour

Being a total foodie and having a 48-hour layover in Shanghai, I was so excited to try authentic Chinese food for the first time.

I absolutely love doing food tours in each new country I visit, it ensures you try some of the very best, you get to learn all about it and it sets you up for the rest of your time there.

4 January 2019

10 Unforgettable Must-Do Activities in the South Island, NZ

The South Island of New Zealand is a paradise for adventure travellers, offering magnificent mountains, fiords, wildlife, glaciers and everything in between.

Known for its bucket list activities, there is no shortage of unforgettable must-do things to do. Here are ten of my top picks if you're heading to the South Island.

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