26 August 2019

Edinburgh's Must-Do Secret Food Tour

Have you ever wondered what traditional Scottish cuisine is like? That's exactly why I love joining food tours. It's such a fantastic way to discover a new city or place and learn all about what the best local food is.


23 August 2019

European Summer Holiday 2019 | Photo Diary

Hey travel lovers! I'm back fresh from a month-long holiday in the UK and Greece and had such a blast! It's been a while since I've written anything personal on my blog so I thought I would share a snippet of my travels and a few favourite photos.


1 August 2019

Top Ten things to do in (& around) Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown is an insanely beautiful place but, more than just pretty, it’s got a wild heart. There are so many amazing outdoor activities to try, adrenaline rushes to be had and ways to push yourself right out of your comfort zone and feel really, truly alive. Not only that, but Queenstown boasts some dang delicious food and gorgeous views too. Pretty much, it’s awesome and you should definitely be excited about going there.

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