31 October 2018

One Week South Island Jucy Road Trip

My latest trip to the South Island was all thanks to Jucy World as I was the winner of their ultimate #JUCYWINTER getaway! I was incredibly excited - I had never won anything before and had always wanted to experience road tripping around New Zealand in a campervan (I LOVE being a tourist in my own country!).

25 October 2018

The Ultimate Weekend & Carry-On Bag

I have been testing out my new Muzmm Little Garden Backpack for over three months now and I love everything about it. It is the ultimate weekend and carry-on bag and I couldn't recommend this innovative, three-in-one travel bag any higher.

10 October 2018

Incredible Horse Riding Trek in Lord of the Rings Locations

Are you a fan of the Lord of the Rings movies? Do you love horses but have only been on them once or twice?  If you answered yes to both of those questions - put this tour on your bucket list right now!

A few months ago when I was last in the South Island, I went on the Dart River Adventures Funyak tour which was honestly one of the most incredible activities I've ever done in New Zealand (very highly recommended). 

5 October 2018

Long Distance Relationships | My Experience & Tips

Whether you travel for a living like I do, you've met someone special that doesn't quite live in the same city or country as you or you have jobs that send one another overseas, long distance relationships are pretty common in this day and age.

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