31 October 2016

Sublime stay at The Breezes Bali Resort & Spa

After my fiance and I decided were in much need of a nice, relaxing getaway together, we excitedly booked our first trip to tropical Bali, Indonesia.

22 October 2016

20 Must-Do's in New Zealand

Are you heading to New Zealand for the first time soon?
Maybe you are already there?
New Zealand might be a tiny country located at the very bottom of the world but there are countless amazing experiences to be had and fun new things to try.

New Zealand is a unique country in that we have a little bit of everything you could imagine as a perfect destination to go to.
We have warm weather and white sandy beaches up north, cold weather and beautiful snowy alps down south, and lush native rainforests, geothermal activity, glaciers, crystal-blue lakes and volcanoes in between.
It really is every travellers paradise and it took leaving New Zealand for a couple of years and exploring the rest of the world for me to realise just how amazing our country is.

6 October 2016

Ultimate Travelling Essentials to pack!

You've booked your flight, accommodation, worked hard to save your money and probably waited for what seemed like forever - now the time has finally come to pack for your upcoming travel adventure!
Some people love packing, some people hate it.
I'm the former as I get so enthusiastic whenever I'm about to jet off and I love the excitement of getting everything prepared and ready to go.
(So much so that usually I can't even sleep the night before!).


1 October 2016

Favourite beer-drinking spots in Europe!

Hi, my name is Krysti.
And I love beer.
And travelling.
I love trying new beers while travelling.

I am currently sitting here reminiscing that this time last year I was at Munich Oktoberfest- so I thought combining a post about my two favourite things (travelling and beer!) was inevitable!
Europe was an absolute pleasure to travel around anyway, let alone whilst offering the tantalising delights of their top-knotch, world-class beer.
Beer that comes in one litre barrels and has delicious foam on top. 
Beer that is cheaper than water and where you can enjoy on the streets, in parks- out in public! (It is illegal in New Zealand and Australia)... yes, it is fair to say: 
I was in heaven.
Let me share with you some of my favourite beer-drinking spots I have enjoyed around Europe (so far), along with the particular beers that impressed my socks off. 
I'm getting thirsty already.

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