24 September 2016

The 5 best cities to visit in Australia

Australia is a nature-lovers paradise- being an enormous country made up of bush, wildlife, desert, sandy coastlines and coral reef, but it also offers many excellent modern and vibrant urban cities too.
The main capitals are very different from each other, but what they share is a warm welcome, easy precincts, great food, wine and events as well as plenty of access to nature and wildlife.
As mentioned in my Adapting to the Aussie way of life tips post, Australia is incredibly large- and not one that you can fully explore over a few weeks, not even a few months!
If you are heading here just for a short time, here are the five biggest and best cities to choose from if you need some help deciding!


17 September 2016

Barcelona on a Budget | Travel Guide

Barcelona is a beautiful laidback city sitting on the Mediterranean Coast. Much of the cities architecture is famously designed by Antoni Gaudi and it is incredible to see in real life.

12 September 2016

30 Countries before I'm 30

I only recently heard this was a thing- and I am more than excited to put my hand up for this challenge!
It might not seem like such a big goal to some- but I only started travelling when I was well into my twenties and lets just say, time's-a-ticking!
I currently have been to 22 countries already, and by the end of the year it will be 24.
From 2017 I will have less than two years to complete this new challenge that I am now partaking in-- 30 countries before I'm 30!

8 September 2016

Adapting to the Aussie way of life tips!

As you can tell from my blog, I love to travel about! Originally from New Zealand, I've been fortunate enough to travel all over, most recently exploring Europe and South East Asia.
But I currently call the Gold Coast in Australia my home base and next year I have one more year in Canberra, Australia.
Having spent nearly a full year here already I thought I could share some lifestyle and culture tips for those wanting to move to Australia themselves, or even for those travelling here for the first time.


1 September 2016

A Wanderluster's Travel Blog

It's the 1st of September and I'm so excited to launch my new 'travel blog' theme!
For those that may not know- I started off as a lifestyle blog earlier this year, then merged into 'travel and lifestyle,' and now as of September I am diving head-first into travel.

I did enjoy writing about a range of topics, but after 6 months I have decided that travel is a better niche for me to focus on as it is absolutely my biggest joy in life.
I have discovered such a passion for blogging and I am working hard towards trying to build a career for myself in travel writing/blogging. It would definitely be my ultimate dream job!

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