6 September 2019

Tep Wireless Pocket Wifi: The Secret to Travelling like a Pro

When travelling abroad my number one travel essential is my Tep Wireless pocket WiFi device.
It gives me unlimited data in over 100 countries and allows me to travel with the utmost ease.

I often get complimented by others how 'I'm good at travelling'. But it's mostly all thanks to having the internet at my fingertips. I would be lost (literally) without it!

I have used my Teppy on different occasions hopping all over Europe and it is my little secret to travelling like a pro. Not only can I stay connected and work on the go, I use it for maps and directions, the best restaurant recommendations, top things to do and handy travel information as needed.

Multiple devices can connect to it so I can connect my laptop, phone, tablet, and my travel companions can use it too. It's fast, reliable and very easy to use. It comes in a travel pouch with clear instructions and a multi-adapter wall-charger. The device itself also has a pull-out USB charging cable. I like to charge my Teppy overnight and the battery lasts for me all day.

Being a freelance travel writer, having unlimited 4G data while I travel has made working and navigating around the world an absolute breeze.

Keeping up with social media, editing, writing, having directions at your fingertips, booking those last-minute things, I'm not one that needs to be on the internet all the time or anything but it has been amazing to have it available if needed, it makes travelling so much easier!

Compared to the first time I travelled through Europe solo in 2015. I didn't bother buying multiple sim cards and I had to pre screenshot multiple maps and everything, let me tell you it would take me about an hour to find something that should've taken twenty minutes because I'm the worst at directions!

There are different Teppy plans to choose from and you can get one that best suits your trip. Check them out including pricing here. It now comes in new funky colours (my round black one is an older version).

The team at Tep Wireless are fantastic and offer 24/7 support if any problems are encountered.

Travel with freedom and like an absolute pro with Teppy in your pocket. I highly recommend it, especially if you're travelling through multiple countries like in Europe and Asia. If you're travelling with others it makes it even greater value for money as you can split the cost between you. You don't have to worry about forever finding public WiFi or expensive data roaming charges.

I can't rave about my Tep Wireless enough, my experience using it has been fantastic and I wouldn't travel for a long time again without it! Having your own portable unlimited WiFi hotspot is the best travel gadget you could ask for.

Have you used Teppy before or would you like to try it for yourself? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Travels,

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