10 March 2024

Kia Ora, 2024

Kia Ora / Hello,

It's me again, the occasional blogger. Somehow, it's already mid-March and I haven't written a post this year, so here I am popping in to say hello.

An exciting travel update - we have recently booked a holiday in June, which will be our first overseas travels as a family of four, and also a brand new country - watch this space! I am SO excited.

I'll be sure to write all about our experience as I'm sure many fellow travellers will find it interesting. I have personally never met anyone that's been there for a holiday before, and there isn't much info out there on travelling with little ones, particularly a baby. So stay tuned for those future posts!

I know, I know, I still haven't written about Bali with a toddler or about our Queenstown family holiday. My goodness, life has just been so busy with a toddler and a baby, and I'm also working at the same time - I've had a very busy wedding season this year and all of my spare time (that's not spent with my children) is dedicated to editing my videos (okay, and also procrastinating by researching the new country we are going to haha)... My goal is to have those written before we go on our next overseas trip.

We did a big classic Kiwi roadie over the Christmas/summer holidays to spend time with family which was nice. We stayed in Turangi, Tauranga and Napier, with the classic stops on the way there/back in Waiouru, Taupo and Rotorua. The kids did super well on the long drives, and we were so impressed, we were thinking, 'Where to next?' 

Hopefully they will be just as well-behaved on their four upcoming plane rides! It will be our little boy's first flights, and he will be eight months old at the time. My girl who will be nearly three, is a seasoned traveller with 20 flights under her belt already. She has always been great on planes so fingers crossed that trend will continue and will be the same for our little boy.

We had a hot summer here in the Wairarapa and enjoyed many beautiful sunny days. We had lovely picnics by rivers in local spots, and enjoyed dipping our toes in the refreshing water to cool off.

Autumn has recently arrived and the cooler, crips mornings are telling signs of the changing season. Soon we will be enjoying crunchy leaves and the colourful autumnal colours, and picking apples from the local orchard.

Thanks for reading and I hope you liked this little update. Stay tuned for future posts coming soon. Below are a few photos from our Kiwi summer. 

Krysti x


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