12 September 2017

7 Delicious Must-Try Dishes in Thailand

Thai cuisine is my ultimate favourite and I recently spent seven happy weeks in Thailand eating my way around the country.

Thai food is an explosion of flavours and often showcases a perfect balance of salty, sweet, sour and spicy. The best part is you can easily find cheap, tasty and readily available street food on practically every corner.

Here are seven of my personal favourite Thai dishes that I would highly suggest trying if you are ever in the land of smiles, trust me - you will love them!

Geng Kheaw Wan (Green Curry)

Green Curry is my number one favourite dish! Delightfully rich and aromatic, it can be ordered with either chicken, beef, pork, tofu and vegetables.
The paste is made of ground green chillies and together with coconut milk, Thai eggplant, fresh coriander, lime leaves and basil it's a flavour bomb in your mouth!
It comes very spicy (like most of my favourite dishes) so if you aren't a fan you can request a milder version by asking for 'not spicy'.
In my opinion, there's nothing better than soaking up the rice in the curry and washing it all down with a cold Thai beer. Hashtag perfection.

Pad Thai (Stir-fried rice noodles)

Pad Thai is my favourite quick street food meal and at 40 Baht ($1.20 USD) made fresh from a cart, it's one of the cheapest too.
This famous stir-fried rice noodle dish is eaten with chicken, seafood or just tofu and vegetables. It's usually served with ground chilli, fresh lime, sugar and a sour sauce for you to add the flavours as you please to suit your taste buds.

Som Tam (Green Papaya Salad)

Som Tam is another dish combining all five tastes: hot, sour, sweet, salty and savoury and packs it all together in a flavour punch.
It's a delicious and fresh zingy papaya salad that is a popular staple of street food and dining alike. Again, it comes very spicy so do ask for mild if you aren't a fan!

Tom Yum Goong (Spicy seafood soup)

Tom Yum is a local favourite hot and sour soup, with 'Goong' meaning shrimp or prawn.
It's the perfect dish for seafood and chilli lovers and again it is so full of flavour, your taste buds will be dancing!

Pad Krapow Moo Sap (Basil Pork)

Pad Krapow Moo Sap is one of my favourite quick go-to meals. Minced pork is flash-fried with holy basil and a generous helping of garlic and fresh chillis. Served with rice, it often comes with a fried egg on top, making it a perfect Thai-style one dish meal.

Gaeng Daeng (Red Curry)

My second favourite of the curries is the Red Curry, of which the paste is commonly made with twenty ground red chillies (so it is again super spicy!). Served usually with chicken, beef or duck, this smooth curry is topped with finely sliced kaffir lime leaves and is deliciously fragrant.

Khao Niaow Moon (Mango Sticky Rice)

Last but not least is the most perfect traditional Thai dessert: Mango Sticky Rice is a staple of my diet when I'm in Thailand (I quite often have it for lunch) and it is an absolute must-try for all sweet lovers.
The cool, glutinous sticky rice is smothered in sweetened coconut cream and served with freshly cut ripe mango. To add a crunch it is sprinkled with what I call 'golden nuggets', which are actually crunchy toasted mung beans.
It can be picked up cheaply from street food stalls and in a fancier restaurant setting (such as in the picture above) it is often served with coconut ice cream, which makes the entire dish basically the definition of heaven on earth.

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Those are my top seven incredibly delicious and ultimate favourite Thai dishes. There are a million reasons to visit Thailand and food is one of the top ones!
It is miles better in its motherland than anywhere else and there is so much to choose from, it will blow you away (you and your taste buds).

Do you have a favourite Thai dish not included here? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to read them!

Happy Travels,


  1. I love a good green or red curry! When done well they are the best thing to enjoy for dinner and they don't sit heavy in the tummy! I totally want to try Thailand beer now!

  2. I find it so exciting to try new foods. Right away the seafood soup looks great to me but I would also try the other dishes to be adventurous.

  3. I can't wait to visit Thailand one day! I would say YES to all of these fantastic dishes!

  4. I'm down to try them all. These look amazing..!!! Wonderful pics!

  5. That spicy seafood soup is calling my name! Thanks to Thai food I learned to eat tofu; it is too delicious!

  6. Thai curries are my favorite.I love red and green curries with rice...ummm-yummm! I need to try Thai beer now...

  7. Wow these look super good. I would love that beer -- looks delicious!

  8. Everything looks so yummy. I would love to try the green curry. I have only had the red.

  9. All of these dishes look so yummy! I have heard that it is so inexpensive to visit Thailand and that the food is very inexpensive for really great portion sizes. I'd love to visit someday! The Pad Thai is probably my favorite of the dishes you have featured.


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