20 November 2016

I'm getting married in the Cook Islands!

Hey all,

This is a quick post to let you know that I will be away from here for a little bit as I am off to Rarotonga in the Cook Islands to get married!

I will be away in tropical paradise for just over a week and when I return I plan to write a travel diary blog post of my time in Rarotonga as soon as I can!
Then I will be off again a few days later to Vietnam with my then husband (the word seems so strange to me at the moment!) for a fun and adventurous honeymoon.
We are spending two weeks there starting in Ho Chi Minh City, then venturing north to Hanoi where we will be visiting Ha Long Bay which is one of my bucket list dreams!

I recently made a video on my YouTube channel about my wedding and travel plans if you're interested:

I will be back home on the 18th of December so I'll be very busy the week up until Christmas catching up on my blog posts as well as making my YouTube videos!
For those that don't know I have a YouTube channel where I post travel vlogs, lifestyle and a bit of everything really, it's become a great creative outlet for me this year along with my blog.
I'll be doing a Rarotonga travel vlog as well as one for each of the places I go to in Vietnam.
Make sure you're subscribed if you wish to see those!
When I return I will also be writing a hotel review from Rarotonga and plenty as well for Vietnam so I will be one very busy lady!

If you wish to come along on my travels and keep up to date with me follow my social media where I am most active (WiFi dependent!):

Instagram: instagram.com/krystijaims

Twitter: twitter.com/randominic

Snapchat: snapchat.com/add/krystijaims

Thanks so much for everyone's support on my blog this year. I've hit nearly 30,000 views already which is pretty amazing. I'm absolutely loving blogging and I have big goals for the future that I am working hard towards!

I'm off at 3 am tomorrow morning so I will see everyone for a new post when I'm back by the end of November!

Peace and love,


  1. Congratulations Krysti! I hope you have a wonderful trip and a specially great wedding day! x

  2. Lucky you. I'm sure you and almost hubby will have a great time.


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