22 April 2023

Oh, Hello 2023 (a little update)

Okay, I just realised I haven't written a post this year yet - so here is a very quick hello and update! 

To say I've been busy is an understatement, I had a super busy summer (I'm a wedding videographer). I'm still finishing up my last few weddings of the season, and then I have one left to film before I can take a breather and get stuck into writing more travel posts! I also have a very active toddler who doesn't leave me much time for writing at the moment.

But here are a few posts I promise will be done in the next couple of months:

  • Part Two of Travelling to Fiji with a Baby featuring Paradise Cove Resort (a Youtube video will be coming also)

  • Bali with a Toddler (Our Experience and Tips)

  • Our Next Destination (which we are deciding this very weekend) - we are taking Little Miss on one more holiday before she turns two (and we have to start paying for her flights!). We will either be going somewhere tropical or on a little winter vacay in the South Island.

The header photo is from a recent trip to our local apple orchard, picking some fresh apples straight from the trees. I can't believe it's Autumn already!

I hope the year has been treating you well so far. Stay tuned for the next few posts, and thanks for your patience. :)

xx Krysti


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