13 October 2020

Life Update: Moving to Wellington!

Hello, my lovely blog readers. I thought I would share a bit of a life update. I didn't get around to writing any blog posts last month as I was a bit busy moving back to my favourite city in the North Island, Wellington!

If you didn't know, we lived in Wellington, then moved to Australia for three years (I also spent a year in Germany), and then we've been living back in New Zealand since the beginning of 2018, but in the Manawatu region (due to his job).

My man has now got a brand new job and we have said goodbye to the military life. We already own a house in Wellington that we've been renting out for the last almost six years, so it was great to move back home after all this time. 

It's SO nice to be back in the capital. Both of our main friend groups live here and it's just such an amazing and cool city, with incredible food, beautiful nature and so much to offer - there's always something going on.

Left: Solace in the Wind statue, Wellington Harbour.  Right: Clyde Quay boat sheds, Oriental Bay

My last update was back on the 12th of May, back when our very first lockdown restrictions were about to ease. It's crazy to think that was five months ago. I'm so so glad we have returned to normal since then (um, apart from our borders being shut and so forth), and apart from one cluster outbreak in Auckland where they had to re-lock down, the majority of us have been fortunate to still have our freedom and no restrictions on travel throughout New Zealand.

I've certainly been making the most of domestic travel and supporting local tourism as much as possible. I've visited Tauranga and Greytown a bunch of times, as that's where our families live. I've also been to Rotorua for a fun touristy day, had grape escapes in Napier and Martinborough, celebrated a birthday in Auckland, explored the amazing Cape Palliser, and went to Hobbiton (for the third time).

At the top of Mount Maunganui
Wai-O-Tapu, Rotorua
Putangirua Pinnacles, Cape Palliser
Left: A fun ice cream from Giapo, Auckland.  Right: Top of the Sky Tower
Checking Uncle B's mailbox, Hobbiton

Unfortunately, just at the week marking my one year anniversary (this week) of working for my three Fiji resorts, the plug has finally been pulled. Not forever, but until the official word that travel will begin resuming for them again. I'm surprised to have kept my job for this long, to be honest, the resorts have been shut for seven months now.

It has been such a pleasure to still be working for them during this time but I understand completely that it's time to put it on hold. Bottom line is, I am so grateful for the experience they have given me. Not just the work experience, but getting to know their awesome staff, learning about their culture, and spending time in their amazing country is a privilege I will never forget and I'll treasure it forever. I've offered to still do a small amount of unpaid work for them, as I honestly enjoy it so much, and I'll be truly sad if I completely stopped.

I am looking for fulltime work in Wellington, so fingers crossed I'll find something soon. I am hoping for something I truly enjoy and I'm passionate about. It's not easy finding a job in my field as there is a lot of competition out there and times are tough, there are so many job losses due to COVID-19.

One thing that has cheered me up today (not that I'm too down), is a wonderful piece of art a lovely girl from France drew for me. She's so talented and has captured me so well, right down to my favourite top I always wear! I love it! 

So what's next for me travel-wise? Next month, my man and I have a long weekend planned in Taranaki. I'm also flying to Napier at the end of next month to do some wedding videography which is exciting (my first time). We haven't decided what to do over summer yet, but I think we are just staying here for Christmas and New Years, and I'll most likely visit my family in Tauranga sometime in January.

We recently booked our first flights for 2021. At the beginning of February, we are going to Queenstown for my birthday week (woohoo!). I didn't get to the South Island this year so I'm really looking forward to it. We will also be spending a couple of nights in Wanaka so I can finally tick the Roys Peak hike off my bucket list!

Coming soon on the blog will be a travel guide for a getaway in Martinborough and I'm sure I'll get around to writing a bunch of Wellington posts now that I'm back!

The beautiful cherry blossoms in Kaitoke, Upper Hutt

If you're interested, I did make a chatty YouTube video a couple of months ago about how 2020 has affected me working in the travel industry. Not complaining, just sharing my personal experience. There's also a new video up from my day trip to Hobbiton - it was such a lovely experience with hardly anyone else there!

That about sums up life for me right now. I hope you're all doing well. I know it's hard to keep spirits up sometimes. Know that it's completely normal to feel lost and disheartened during a worldwide pandemic. It's a tough year for everyone... you're not alone! 

Thanks for reading and as always feel free to get in touch via email or message me on Instagram if you'd ever like to chat.

All the best,


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