2 July 2018

Everything you need to know about Whakapapa Ski Field, NZ

When people get asked what their happy place is, many usually answer with the beach or some form of water. Mine is sitting at the very top of Whakapapa Ski Field, looking down at the best playground Mother Nature ever built.

During winter, this is my second home. I am lucky to have a mother who skis and she passed this awesome sport on to all of her children. At the age of five, I began shredding fresh tracks on Whakapapa, and by fourteen, I levelled up to snowboarding.

Being overseas, I missed my favourite ski field for several years but I'm back now living in New Zealand with a fresh season pass.

How to get to Whakapapa ski field

Whakapapa is New Zealand’s largest ski field, encompassing 550 hectares of terrain on Mount Ruapehu, a breathing, active volcano. 
Located in the middle of the North Island, it is easily accessible from any of the major cities. You can take a great Kiwi road trip from either Auckland or Wellington and be there in just over four hours.

The scenic approach to the mountain will take you through Tongariro National Park, New Zealand’s oldest national park and a dual World Heritage site.
You will pass through ancient native forests and desert landscapes nestled between three impressive volcanoes; Tongariro, Ngauruhoe and Ruapehu.

Whakapapa trails and Happy Valley

For anyone who hasn’t been to the snow, it doesn’t get more epic that standing, sliding, skiing or boarding on a huge volcano.

Whakapapa offers amazing trails for all ability levels with wide open fields, steep drops, chutes and snow-filled basins, all available by lift access.

It is home to Happy Valley, New Zealand's largest beginner ski and snow play area, with superb facilities to learn skiing and snowboarding.

Private or group lessons are available from qualified instructors who come from all over the world. They are some of the friendliest and most easy-going people you will meet. They teach not only the basics but can upskill you all the way to Jedi-Master level.

Once you have conquered Happy Valley, you can work your way up to the lower and upper mountain where a wide range of intermediate and advanced runs and terrains lovingly await you.

There is nothing quite like catching a chairlift all the way to the top of Whakapapa, with the incredible postcard views. The view of the dominating Mount Ngauruhoe (Mount Doom for Lord of the Rings fans) is unbeatable.

Where to stay near Whakapapa ski field

There are many great accommodation options available nearby, whether you stay one night or settle in for longer. From budget-friendly hostels to the more upmarket hotels, there is something to suit everyone’s wallet.

The closest points to stay at are National Park (20 minutes’ drive away) and Turangi (40 minutes’ drive away). Taupo is another popular option to overnight in. As the largest nearby city, there is a wider range of accommodation choices and only a one-hour and 15-minute drive to Whakapapa.

There are also regular shuttle and bus services to Whakapapa available from Taupo, Turangi and National Park if you choose not to drive.

Whakapapa weather and ski season dates

World-class snowmaking facilities meant Happy Valley opened for business this winter on the 2nd of June. The lower and upper mountain opened June 29th.

Whakapapa boasts New Zealand's longest ski season and is usually open until the end of October for the best spring skiing and riding in the country. The mountain is open daily from 9 to 4, weather dependent.

Whakapapa ski gear

A good snow bunny’s uniform includes waterproof ski pants, a warm, waterproof jacket, warm layers underneath of thermals, merino, woollens etc, a warm hat, waterproof gloves and polarised sunglasses/ski goggles.

Don’t forget to bring sunblock; the sun can be extra harsh from the reflection of the snow.

You can hire any gear you need from the well-equipped rental outlet at Whakapapa.
This includes skis, snowboards, boots, helmets, warm and waterproof outerwear, all correctly fitted to your needs.

For those who use a dislike of the cold as an excuse to stay away from the snow, did you know it can be so warm on a sunny day that you can peel your layers off down to a t-shirt?

The weather is unpredictable, however, and can often change quite quickly. It's wise to be prepared, even for those forecasted sunny days.

My recommendations

As a tip, if you can get there during the weekdays it's a lot less crowded than going on a weekend. Better to avoid the school holidays too, unless of course, you're bringing your own little ones.

On family excursions, we brought our own food from home to save money. In our daypacks, we each carried a thermos of hot soup, egg sandwiches and some chocolate to snack on.
Nowadays I savour a mid-morning barista coffee from one of their three great cafes that offer unbeatable views.

Knoll Ridge Cafe, in particular, is New Zealand's highest cafe and a must-do. The award-winning cafe has a wide range of food options with picture-perfect views and warm hospitality. It makes breaking for lunch an experience in itself.

The feeling of sitting on top of the world is a freeing experience you can’t put a price on.
The pure joy of skiing and snowboarding on Whakapapa’s fresh powder amongst such stunning scenery is truly remarkable.

It is worth the cost, it is worth getting up in the dark for the long drive, it is worth sore legs the next day. It is the best feeling!

If you are heading to New Zealand this winter or are one of the many Kiwis who still haven’t been to the snow, make 2018 the year to come.
It is an experience you will never forget and one that will almost certainly hook you into coming back again and again.

Hit the slopes at Whakapapa this year and come ride an epic volcano!

Have you been to Whakapapa or are you planning to go this year? Let me know in the comments below. Might see you there!

Happy Travels,
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  1. As a travel lover, New Zealand is always on my list to visit. Sadly, I have not been given a chance to do so. However. after reading your post, it gives me the incentive to try harder and step my foot on New Zealand.

  2. Wow, this looks so beautiful and serene. I've never been skiing before OR to New Zealand. Definitely on my bucket lists!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous views! I think that is one of the best parts about skiing big mountains. I haven't been skiing in about 5 years and this is making me mis it.

  4. New Zealand is definitely on my list of places to visit. Because of the opposite seasons from the US, we would probably go when the kids are on summer break, meaning winter there. I've been water skiing many times (I grew up going out on the boat every weekend in south Florida) but I've never done it on the snow!

  5. So beautiful. I don't know why but I never thought that New Zealand was a place known for skiing.

  6. Ooooh this looks like it was a lot of fun! A trip worth making.


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