14 July 2017

Partying in Paradise: Bob's Booze Cruise, Phi Phi Island

I absolutely loved Phi Phi Island - I'm pretty sure it's my new favourite place in the whole of Thailand! I only spent two days and one night there and it definitely wasn't enough, but I had such a fantastic time and that was all thanks to Captain Bob's Booze Cruise.

I wanted to see Maya Bay and a few of the beautiful surrounding islands while there, and when I was researching tours and came across this particular one – it had my name written all over it! Cruising to all of the island highlights and unlimited free beer? Yes please!
As a solo traveller, I love to meet new people and as I'm naturally pretty shy, a few beers sure do help.

This cruise was hands-down incredible and if you're heading to Thailand and Phi Phi Island yourself and love to have a good time – this tour is for you.
You get to have fun and socialise in the most breathtaking places, feed monkeys, stand up paddleboard, snorkel and swim in crystal clear waters, it's a whole day of unlimited fun and the guides make it even more so. I would do this tour again in a heartbeat if I went back!

The Tour

Captain Bob's Booze Cruise departs every day from Tonsai Pier at 1 pm and returns at 7 pm. The destinations of the day include:

Monkey Beach

Pileh Lagoon

Maya Bay (The Beach)

Loh Samah Bay

Wang Long Nook (during high season)

Once on board, everyone introduced themselves and where they were from as we cruised off. Our first stop of the day was Monkey Cave where those brave enough got to feed the wild monkeys. We were told that they once stopped feeding them because they were becoming too reliant on it, but then they started eating rubbish instead which is obviously terrible, so feeding them peanuts isn't a bad thing.

Our group at Monkey Cave
Back on board, we had our first drink of the day. Singha and Leo beer or vodka and rum drinks were offered all around and there was lively party music to help set the mood. Everyone was having a great time!

We passed by the Viking Cave on Koh Phi Phi Leh which was so cool to see up close.
It is a famous limestone cave with wall paintings and is a site for harvesting bird nests for a traditional Chinese soup.

We stopped for snorkelling at the entrance of Pileh Lagoon for a decent amount of time.
It was a beautiful area and a big size so that everyone could go off and snorkel with their own space. There were so many colourful fish around the coral - it was the best snorkelling I've ever done!

Next up we got to enjoy 'Diaper Drinking' in Pileh Lagoon which I had never heard of before – but it's absolutely genius! We stopped in a gorgeous cove area and we got to jump/backflip off the top of the boat if we wished.

In the water, we then put on our lifejackets through our legs. This makes you easily upright in the water so you can enjoy leisurely floating about (with a beverage in hand!).

We were also offered stand up paddleboards which a few people did. It was so enjoyable socialising in the epic scenery and I soaked it all in.
Even though I was on a booze cruise I didn't want to drink too much, as I wanted to remember this day! And what a day it was.

The incredible Maya Bay was next, which seeing in real life was a dream come true. To get there we had to climb over rocks and through caves, as it was low tide which was an experience! We were all provided with water shoes which we were all very grateful for.

It was truly so awesome seeing Maya Bay it in real life. I was pretty glad I happened to be there during the low season, as there weren't that many people and I've heard it can get very crowded during peak times.

We got to spend at least an hour there which was perfect. The whole day wasn't rushed at all, there was plenty of time to really enjoy each place. Everyone got a tonne of photos and there was even a classic jumping group shot at the end.

On our way back to the boat in Loh Samah Bay, we had the option to climb down a verticle rock cliff-face via ropes which everyone opted for. Yet another fun experience in Phi Phi! The Bay is so picturesque, with sparkling turquoise waters surrounded by limestone formations.

Lunch is included and it was delicious. It is cooked freshly by them before departure and you could either choose from a baguette sandwich or chicken/vegetarian rice.
Fresh fruit, water and soft drinks were also provided all throughout the day – as well as all the beer you could drink of course!

We enjoyed one last spot where we did another round of diaper drinking in a beautiful area. There were heaps of colourful fish floating around us.

Half of the group decided to stay on board and party it up. A lot of people were dancing and having a lot of fun – one of the guides MOMO even dressed up and was very entertaining!

The entire crew including MOMO, Chin and Tip were awesome and made sure you had a great time all while being very professional.
Boating back we got to watch the beautiful sunset before an evening downpour came (glad it was after the tour had ended).

Also throughout the whole trip, there was a photographer who nonstop captured the highlights of the day with plenty of photos of each person/couple/friends which is free to take home. You just bring a USB stick or memory card the next day and they will load it all on for you which is pretty dang awesome.

The Details

The tour: Captain Bob's Booze Cruise

Location: Ao Tonsai Pier, Phi Phi Island

Time: Daily, 1 PM – 7 PM

Price: Men – 3000 Baht ($88 USD), Women – 2500 Baht ($74 USD)

Reviews: 5/5 stars from 717 reviews on Trip Advisor

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Final Thoughts

Captain Bob's Booze Cruise was one of the highlights of my whole month in Thailand.
I had the best day hanging out with a bunch of cool people from all around the world and enjoying the stunning beauty of Phi Phi Island.

There was a range of people on board aged between 20-30 at a guess. There were solo travellers like me, friends, couples - one of which was even on their honeymoon! There was also a couple who couldn't swim and that was not a problem at all, they were helped throughout the day and made to feel comfortable in the water with their life jackets and guides nearby if needed.

This tour is perfect for anyone wanting to have a good time and party in absolute paradise. Everybody is there to have a blast and it's great vibes all round. I highly recommend it if you're going to Phi Phi Island (which you definitely should!).

It is well worth the price for the sights you see, the incredible service and the most fun you will ever have in places straight out of a postcard!

If you would like to see a bit more I include highlights from the whole trip in my Phi Phi Island travel vlog for TouTube:

Happy Travels,


  1. It looks like you had such an amazing time on this cruise. I love the blue waters and all of the unique locales that they took you too. That's awesome.

  2. This looks beyond amazing! The scenery is to die for! The photos are perfect! I'd love to check this out!

  3. Awesome, judging from the photos you had an awesome time. I will keep in mind this cruise when I go to Thailand.

  4. I cannot WAIT to visit Thailand! I've never heard of Phi Phi Island. I will definitely be researching this and putting it in my Thailand list. Thanks!


  5. That's looks like so much fun! I'd def like to go there one day.


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