28 December 2016

Year round-up & 2017 Travel blog goals!

This year- as usual, has flown by in the blink of an eye and boy has it been a good one!
(Aside from all of the celebrity deaths- let's not even go there).
I thought it would be a nice way to finish up by having a look through and doing a quick summary of my year and some of the things I got up to.

As well as reading this blog post I made a YouTube video of my 2016 extras and highlights which you can watch here if you're interested:


23 December 2016

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Travel Diary

I recently returned from an incredible two weeks in Vietnam and this is the first of my travel diaries. Here is my second one from Hanoi which includes thoughts and reflections from my time in Vietnam, and Halong Bay will be coming very soon.
My travel diaries share a basic overview of what I did each day including particular highlights, prices and any good tips I discovered, as well as my favourite photos from the day! Here is Ho Chi Minh City (formerly known as Saigon), as that was the first stop:

Ho Chi Minh City is in the south of Vietnam

19 December 2016

South-East Asia's Crown Jewel: Four Places In Thailand You Should Visit

All travel destinations have something wonderful to offer. Many places have a specific thing that they are known for, and that is the reason people visit.
Whether it's the weather, the nightlife or the architecture, there are plenty of amazing places that are known for one thing in particular, and that's what draws people to them.
And then you have somewhere like Thailand. 
South-East Asia's most popular destination is something like a collage of extraordinary sights. It's the sort of place that you could visit over and over again for years and never fully experience everything that it has to offer.
Fortunately, you don't need to worry too much about missing out. There are certain things in Thailand that you simply won't want to miss. Here are just a few:


4 December 2016

Rarotonga Travel Diary in pictures

Hey all,

Unfortunately with such a small window between the Cook Islands and my next trip to Vietnam (tomorrow morning), I just haven't had the time to write up my promised Rarotonga Travel Diary. 
I do however have many notes from my trip so I will be editing this post in the future into the proper intended travel diary, much like my last one from Bali. For now- here is my week in Rarotonga in pictures!
I have had time to write my previous post: Best Places to eat in Muri, Rarotonga and make my travel vlog for YouTube which you can watch here if you're interested:


1 December 2016

Best Places to eat in Muri, Rarotonga

I'm back fresh from my week in Rarotonga and I couldn't wait to start writing. As well as a travel diary and hotel review - one thing I particularly wanted to write about was the food!
I am starting 'Food'/ 'Best Places to Eat' as a new category on my blog as I am such a big foodie and I always love reading other people's suggestions of where to eat too.

As I was so busy with wedding stuff most of the time I only ate around Muri which is the area I was staying in, but I was more than happy with that. Every single meal was so good it surprised me!
Food is a big part of Cook Island culture and that was reflected everywhere by being readily available, fresh, tasty and lovingly prepared.


20 November 2016

I'm getting married in the Cook Islands!

Hey all,

This is a quick post to let you know that I will be away from here for a little bit as I am off to Rarotonga in the Cook Islands to get married!

I will be away in tropical paradise for just over a week and when I return I plan to write a travel diary blog post of my time in Rarotonga as soon as I can!
Then I will be off again a few days later to Vietnam with my then husband (the word seems so strange to me at the moment!) for a fun and adventurous honeymoon.
We are spending two weeks there starting in Ho Chi Minh City, then venturing north to Hanoi where we will be visiting Ha Long Bay which is one of my bucket list dreams!

15 November 2016

Travelling on a Budget Tips

Travelling can be rather expensive - with long haul flights, visa costs and accommodation being just the beginning. There is such an enormous variety of places to go and so many things to see - it’s natural to think you might need to take out a second mortgage to get it done in a way that truly does it justice.
Travelling on a budget, however, is easier than you might expect - so many people are doing it and you don't have to be a young backpacker to do it yourself.
Here are a few of my top tips for anyone travelling even on the tightest of budgets.


12 November 2016

Krakow on a Budget | Travel Guide

Continuing on in my budget travel guide series, (so far I have done Berlin and Barcelona), it is now my pleasure to write about Krakow.

This beautiful city in southern Poland truly surprised me and quickly became one of my top five favourite cities in Europe.

9 November 2016

Visas 101: All you need to know

You’ve got your trip booked, your passport renewed and you’re ready to pack your bags.
But, there’s just one more thing; your visa! It can sometimes be a complicated affair, getting documents like a visa prepared.
There are forms to fill in, photos to take, potential interviews and a heap more to do.
At other times it can be as simple as filling out a form online.
To give you a helping hand- this post will take you through some important information regarding visas. Of course, every country is different, and so is every visa- so be sure to do some research for yourself.


5 November 2016

How to plan a Destination Wedding: My Experience

Choosing the destination

First things first! Choose the right destination! Do you have somewhere in mind you have always dreamed of getting married? If it is somewhere that you truly want- then make it happen!
Make sure you have heard the place is known for weddings and that it's a good fit for you.
Whether it's one or two years away or even a few months, it should be an affordable price you can manage.
Pick somewhere that gets you excited thinking about it, where you can imagine tying the knot and having the best day of your life.
Is it on a tropical island on a beach? Perhaps it's in an exciting city in a grand church, or on a vineyard in Tuscany.
Wherever the place, try to pick somewhere that's relatively easy to get to and keep in mind your guests that you wish to come too.

31 October 2016

Sublime stay at The Breezes Bali Resort & Spa

After my fiance and I decided were in much need of a nice, relaxing getaway together, we excitedly booked our first trip to tropical Bali, Indonesia.

22 October 2016

20 Must-Do's in New Zealand

Are you heading to New Zealand for the first time soon?
Maybe you are already there?
New Zealand might be a tiny country located at the very bottom of the world but there are countless amazing experiences to be had and fun new things to try.

New Zealand is a unique country in that we have a little bit of everything you could imagine as a perfect destination to go to.
We have warm weather and white sandy beaches up north, cold weather and beautiful snowy alps down south, and lush native rainforests, geothermal activity, glaciers, crystal-blue lakes and volcanoes in between.
It really is every travellers paradise and it took leaving New Zealand for a couple of years and exploring the rest of the world for me to realise just how amazing our country is.

6 October 2016

Ultimate Travelling Essentials to pack!

You've booked your flight, accommodation, worked hard to save your money and probably waited for what seemed like forever - now the time has finally come to pack for your upcoming travel adventure!
Some people love packing, some people hate it.
I'm the former as I get so enthusiastic whenever I'm about to jet off and I love the excitement of getting everything prepared and ready to go.
(So much so that usually I can't even sleep the night before!).


1 October 2016

Favourite beer-drinking spots in Europe!

Hi, my name is Krysti.
And I love beer.
And travelling.
I love trying new beers while travelling.

I am currently sitting here reminiscing that this time last year I was at Munich Oktoberfest- so I thought combining a post about my two favourite things (travelling and beer!) was inevitable!
Europe was an absolute pleasure to travel around anyway, let alone whilst offering the tantalising delights of their top-knotch, world-class beer.
Beer that comes in one litre barrels and has delicious foam on top. 
Beer that is cheaper than water and where you can enjoy on the streets, in parks- out in public! (It is illegal in New Zealand and Australia)... yes, it is fair to say: 
I was in heaven.
Let me share with you some of my favourite beer-drinking spots I have enjoyed around Europe (so far), along with the particular beers that impressed my socks off. 
I'm getting thirsty already.


24 September 2016

The 5 best cities to visit in Australia

Australia is a nature-lovers paradise- being an enormous country made up of bush, wildlife, desert, sandy coastlines and coral reef, but it also offers many excellent modern and vibrant urban cities too.
The main capitals are very different from each other, but what they share is a warm welcome, easy precincts, great food, wine and events as well as plenty of access to nature and wildlife.
As mentioned in my Adapting to the Aussie way of life tips post, Australia is incredibly large- and not one that you can fully explore over a few weeks, not even a few months!
If you are heading here just for a short time, here are the five biggest and best cities to choose from if you need some help deciding!


17 September 2016

Barcelona on a Budget | Travel Guide

Barcelona is a beautiful laidback city sitting on the Mediterranean Coast. Much of the cities architecture is famously designed by Antoni Gaudi and it is incredible to see in real life.

12 September 2016

30 Countries before I'm 30

I only recently heard this was a thing- and I am more than excited to put my hand up for this challenge!
It might not seem like such a big goal to some- but I only started travelling when I was well into my twenties and lets just say, time's-a-ticking!
I currently have been to 22 countries already, and by the end of the year it will be 24.
From 2017 I will have less than two years to complete this new challenge that I am now partaking in-- 30 countries before I'm 30!

8 September 2016

Adapting to the Aussie way of life tips!

As you can tell from my blog, I love to travel about! Originally from New Zealand, I've been fortunate enough to travel all over, most recently exploring Europe and South East Asia.
But I currently call the Gold Coast in Australia my home base and next year I have one more year in Canberra, Australia.
Having spent nearly a full year here already I thought I could share some lifestyle and culture tips for those wanting to move to Australia themselves, or even for those travelling here for the first time.


1 September 2016

A Wanderluster's Travel Blog

It's the 1st of September and I'm so excited to launch my new 'travel blog' theme!
For those that may not know- I started off as a lifestyle blog earlier this year, then merged into 'travel and lifestyle,' and now as of September I am diving head-first into travel.

I did enjoy writing about a range of topics, but after 6 months I have decided that travel is a better niche for me to focus on as it is absolutely my biggest joy in life.
I have discovered such a passion for blogging and I am working hard towards trying to build a career for myself in travel writing/blogging. It would definitely be my ultimate dream job!


24 August 2016

Bangkok: My Experience | Guide & Tips

Thailand was my first proper foreign country I travelled to, and it was a life-changing experience. I had only been to Australia twice before- and although I enjoyed travelling there to a new country and visiting new cities and places, it wasn't much of a difference as it is so similar to my own country New Zealand (except a lot warmer!).

Bangkok was my first taste of a world so completely different from my own.
It was this trip that truly solidified my wanderlust and passion for travelling and learning about different places and cultures.
My partner Gareth and I travelled to Thailand for three weeks around three contrasting areas of the country. The entire trip was an incredible experience and I have been wishing to return ever since I left.

19 August 2016

Berlin on a Budget | Travel Guide

I absolutely love Berlin. The city has an infectious energetic vibe to it, full of rich history and a dark past from which the city has completely turned itself around and become, well, cool. It's an eclectic melting pot of culture and creative talent.


8 August 2016

My Ultimate Bucket List

I have always had an informal 'Bucket List' of ideas floating around in my head- but I hadn't got around to writing it down before now.
Putting everything to words on my blog I thought would be the perfect way to keep me accountable, and to see as well those big things that I have already achieved so far.
I enjoyed writing this list, and the majority as no surprise turned out to mostly be travel related- as that is absolutely my biggest passion in life.
This shows just how much more of the world I have yet to see and look forward to (which is so exciting!). I counted just for fun when I had finished and I have 101 things on my list!
Here goes, in no particular order:


5 August 2016

Surfing in Australia: Where to catch the best waves

Australia, where I am currently living is world-renowned as a fantastic destination for surfing.
This is due to it’s vast and varied 50,000 km coastline offering both steady swells and fantastic point breaks. The stunning clear waters, colourful reefs, and white sandy beaches also add to it’s great appeal.
If you asked people from all over the world what kind of people/stereotypes they would say about Australians, many would answer with words like- tanned, blonde hair, surfy, and beachy. Because it's absolutely true!
Many Australians consider surfing as a way of life, it' such a fantastic thrilling sport and hobby. More than 85% of Australians live within 50 kilometres of the coast; it is right on their doorstep.
With an estimated 18 million surfers globally, today the sport attracts a wide range of people of all ages.
If you’re eager to catch the best waves possible, here are three of the top Australian surfing destination you should consider.

1 August 2016

Travel Diary | Bali, Indonesia 2016

I recently got back from an awesome holiday in Bali, Indonesia. It was a really spontaneous trip- we only booked 2 and a half weeks before we left which was so exciting and fun!
It was our second time there- the last time was only in November last year, but we liked it so much we couldn't wait to go back.
We had 9 nights and 8 full days and this time stayed in Legian (last time was in Seminyak).
Here is a little summary of what my fiance and I got up to while we were there:

20 July 2016

Summer holiday: Travel packing essentials | Bali

I'm so excited that I'm off travelling to Bali, Indonesia today!!! My fiance and I were there only 8 months ago which was our last proper holiday, but we loved it so much that we spontaneously decided to go back. We booked our tickets only 2 and a half weeks ago... I think that's so cool and exciting doing fun impulsive things like this!
We both love to travel and as it's mid-Winter here and my fiance has a bit of time off work, it was the perfect time for a quick getaway to unwind.
We looked into a few options like Malaysia and Thailand as well, but they were a lot more expensive in comparison and take more than 13 hours flying time to get there.


18 July 2016

P A R I S | Top Things To Do!


If you are planning on heading to Paris anytime soon, or if you just want to read about me gushing about the beautiful city - read on!
What excites me most about Paris is the beauty of it, the history, the magnificent architecture, the gorgeous bridges across the river Seine, the food, and the fashion and shopping are incredible, world-class.

This is my first post on Paris which are guides, particularly for first-time visitors. For my top travel tips check out my second post: P A R I S | Top Travel Tips!

12 July 2016

Top things to do in Perth

Western Australia’s capital Perth is a beautiful city overlooking the Indian Ocean.
This vibrant and energetic city dotted with sleek skyscrapers, is home to around two million people.
Map of Perth, WA Its coastal location means it also boasts stunning clean, white sandy beaches. This has helped developed the perfect balance between bustling and carefree which appeals to all kinds of tourists.
Along with expansive green parklands, the Swan River, exotic wineries, fresh seafood and fantastic weather year round, Perth is a great destination to visit that is often over-looked.
Many tourists don’t consider visiting Perth and are drawn to the east coast instead, partly due to not knowing what is on offer there.
It is known as the most isolated capital in the world- but also the sunniest; with an average of eight hours of sunshine every single day.
Due to the booming mining industry Perth is also home to the highest per capita number of self-made millionaires in any city in the world.
Here is a small attraction guide for a glimpse into what you can experience in this marvelous city.


21 June 2016

L O N D O N | Top 10 Travel Tips

Aah, London. I had always wanted to go to London, more than anywhere else in the world - it was a big dream of mine since I was a child.
It was the first place I visited on my first big trip to Europe in October 2014, and since then I've been lucky enough to visit three times. Being all in the last two years, the memories and feelings of excitement arriving for the first time are still very fresh.

3 June 2016

Solo Travel | My Top Tips

As some of you might know, last year I went on an exchange at Konstanz University and lived in Germany for 6 months, and before and after my semester I travelled as much of Europe as I possibly could. You can read here all about my Solo Travel | My Experience & Thoughts.

27 May 2016

Solo travel | My Experience & Thoughts

My travel background story

I didn't grow up travelling internationally, like so many lucky people do who live in Europe for example, with a vast array of neighbouring countries on their doorstep.
As grateful as I am to have been born in New Zealand- the downside is that it is literally at the bottom of the world, far far away from everything else. With the exception of Australia of course- only a three-hour flight away, and some of my childhood friends were lucky enough to go on vacation there but our family didn't quite have those kind of funds.
Instead, we toured New Zealand by car, every couple of years in the Summer time we would either go North or South, so I am very lucky to have explored my entire country numerous times from top to bottom.
I had always had that desire though- to reach beyond those borders, and it wasn't until I was 22 years old that I finally saved enough money for a 4 week holiday to Australia, where I got my first taste of international travel. I was instantly hooked, and thrived on the many differences between our two countries.

13 May 2016

Top Travel Tips for beginners

As a self-confessed Wanderluster, I'd love to share some of my top travel tips and opinions to hopefully help out some first-timers.
Over the last 3 years I've had the pleasure of visiting over 20 countries, so it wasn't that long ago that I was jetting off for the first time, and I've definitely learned so much in that short time.
I do believe the best way to learn is to get out there and experience it for yourself, but you can absolutely avoid some quite common mistakes and hassles if you do a little bit of research beforehand. Here are my top tips and advice for beginners:

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