30 January 2017

B A L I | Travel Guide & Tips

I've been meaning to write this post for quite some time and I finally had a great excuse to get around to it - I'm heading back to Bali for the third time! I've booked a one-way ticket and I'm going with my group of very best friends for a special occasion so I'm super excited.

I absolutely fell in love with Bali the first time I visited. It's a stunningly beautiful island, the culture and people are so lovely, there is so much to do as well as being a perfect place to retreat and relax if that's what you're looking for. Not to mention the shopping, weather and food are all amazing!
It's my absolute pleasure to write this Bali travel guide overview and tips for top things to do and be aware of if you're heading there for the first time.


19 January 2017

Why Thailand should be on your travel itinerary this year

When you’re planning your 2017 travel itinerary, make sure to add Thailand to the list.
This beautiful south-east Asian country is well known for its spectacular beaches, ornate temples, ruins and friendly people. There’s so much on offer all throughout the country and trust me you will never want to leave!
If you’ve got your heart set on a Thailand visit, you’ve come to the right place.
Here are just some of the reasons why you should visit and what you can do during your stay to ensure your experience is one to remember.


16 January 2017

10 Stunning Places to visit in Europe

We may be half way through January already, but it's certainly still a new year with the exciting possibilities of adventures ahead!
I absolutely love Europe- with the vast magnitude of places so different from each other, all squeezed in to one epic continent.

9 January 2017

My big 2017 Travel goals

I briefly touched on my 2017 goals for my travel blog in my final post of last year, which as a quick overview- were to grow my blog, expand my writing in my new categories and chase opportunities to become a professional travel blogger.

I've spent quite a bit of time thinking about what my actual travel goals are for this year.

6 January 2017

Hanoi Travel Diary & Vietnam Reflection

Hanoi, a little summary

Hanoi was a different experience to Ho Chi Minh City. Whether I liked it more or not- I couldn't quite tell, nor put my finger on exactly how the two differed so much.
I think because we were staying in the very centre of town in Hanoi the people were just so condensed into such a small space.
I enjoyed that experience to a degree- witnessing the busy hectic lifestyle, the street markets where people are literally sitting on the sidewalk chopping fish and meat. It was fascinating and I enjoy learning about and seeing such different cultures and lifestyles.

2 January 2017

Planning Your 2017 Travel Itinerary

It’s a fresh new year with endless possibilities and a new travel itinerary to create and get excited for! It's a great idea to start planning your 2017 travels in advance so you know exactly where you’re going, what and how much you need to save for, and so you’re able to plan around important events.
Ticking off those bucket list dreams and going to the right places at the right time is crucial for helping you have the best experience possible.
Here are some top ideas of places to be from around the world to add to your 2017 travel itinerary:

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