19 January 2017

Why Thailand should be on your travel itinerary this year

When you’re planning your 2017 travel itinerary, make sure to add Thailand to the list.
This beautiful south-east Asian country is well known for its spectacular beaches, ornate temples, ruins and friendly people. There’s so much on offer all throughout the country and trust me you will never want to leave!
If you’ve got your heart set on a Thailand visit, you’ve come to the right place.
Here are just some of the reasons why you should visit and what you can do during your stay to ensure your experience is one to remember.


One of the best things about travelling to Thailand is that it's incredibly budget-friendly- so funds shouldn't be an excuse not to go! Local food and drink are incredibly cheap- you can eat at a local restaurant and have a three-course meal including a cocktail for less than $10!
Accommodation can range depending on what type of establishment you are staying in, but hostels are very cheap and you can stay in a nice hotel in a good location for less than $80 (NZD) a night.
Tours, public transport, massages and beauty services and of course the shopping are all incredibly priced as well so do take advantage of it while you're there!

Night shopping on Kao San Road, Bangkok

The culture

One of my favourite things about Thailand is that it's incredibly rich in culture. The majority of the people are Thai Buddhists, so everywhere you turn is a beautiful shrine or enormous temple to marvel at or visit.
The Grand Palace and Wat Pho temple in Bangkok are so ornately decorated and grand- they are two of my absolute favourites and a must-visit while there.
Elephants are a big part of their culture too and there are now many ethical elephant parks around the country where you can enjoy their company and feed and bathe them.
There are plenty of natural wonders as well including Khao Yai national park and hill tribes you can visit and witness their own distinct cultures, language, dress and lifestyle.
The best way to experience the true culture in any country is to get stuck in! Take time to walk around and see the sites, visit the local markets and soak it all in.

The Grand Palace

The food

Okay, if I'm being honest- my actual favourite thing about Thailand is the food!
It is just so delicious, fresh and spicy. Travel is about trying new things, isn’t it? That’s why you should always make an effort to try the local cuisine and trust me, you won't be disappointed.
If you've ever had Thai dishes or takeaway before and liked it- I promise you it is a thousand times better in Thailand! There’s nothing like eating food in its country of origin. 
Tom Yum (spicy shrimp soup), Pad Thai (rice flat noodles with shrimp), green and red curries, mango sticky rice (absolute fave)- your taste buds are in for a real treat! 
Wash it all down with a 50 cent local beer of Chang or Singha.

Traditional Pad Thai

Contrast of places

In Thailand you can do any kind of travel that suits your wishes. Whether that's a cheap backpacking holiday, a girls shopping trip, a romantic luxurious getaway on one of the beautiful islands, a party gap-year trip, a volunteering holiday or a peaceful and relaxing retreat in the mountains- you can do all of the above.
My first trip to Thailand was in 2013 and my now husband and I went to three places so different from each other, so each was a new and different experience altogether.
Starting in Bangkok we got the craziness of the hectic and busy streets, the shopping, the temples. Then up north in the mountains we visited Chiang Mai where it was beautiful and green in contrast and you could see the sky (Bangkok is smoggy), so it was a breath of fresh air. There we visited elephant nature parks and an ancient hill tribe.
Lastly, we flew to the tropical island of Koh Samui, where we got to relax on the beaches and snorkel in the crystal clear waters. I would highly recommend all three of those places and doing them in that order too- as it was such a fantastic trip and I wish I could do it all over again right now!

Koh Samui


When you travel a lot like me, it’s always nice to give back. To volunteer in Thailand would be a fantastic opportunity to really experience life in a foreign country and get to know the culture and people. There are many great programmes on offer, whether you would like to volunteer with animals such as elephants, teaching English to women and children, working in schools or helping with community centres.
It would be a life-changing experience and something you can look back on and be really proud of. Living and working with locals will take your travel experience to a whole new level! 

The Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai

Those are just some of the many reasons why Thailand should be on your travel itinerary this year! I myself am definitely hoping to go back and volunteer in a women's community centre in Bangkok. I simply cannot wait to return to Thailand and hope I have inspired you to visit yourself!
So far I have a post on Bangkok if you would like to read more: Bangkok: My Experience | Guide & Tips. Leave me a comment if you're interested as well or if you have any questions.

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  1. Good luck with your volunteering, I wish I had of done that when I was younger x

  2. I've been hearing so much about Thailand lately and now I really want to go! Looks like such a beautiful country.

  3. Love Thailand! I traveled there some years ago, but I didn't have the chance to go to Chiang Mai, so I'd love to go back there to visit the north of the country! And Bangkok is such an interesting city!!

  4. I've heard nothing but wonderful things about Thailand and definitely have it on my list of destinations! It looks like such a beautiful country!


  5. Would love to visit one day - the culture looks so fascinating and the food looks amazing! -Michelle

  6. This just came for me in the perfect time! I am planning a trip there so I will try to see if I can volunteer

  7. Thailand sounds likd a great budget friendly location to travel with family or as a couple. Great posts!!!

  8. I've heard amazing things about Puckett, and the food you shared alone make me want to dive into figuring out how to get there!


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