28 July 2017

Travel Essential: Bagail Packing Cubes

Being a couple of months into my travels around Southeast Asia, I was super excited to start using the reputable Packing Cubes for the very first time.
My husband met up with me in Vietnam for a two week holiday and kindly brought them over for me and I have to say – these have made my life so much easier!


25 July 2017

A Taste of Rural Vietnam at Pilgrimage Village, Hue

I was so excited to return back to Vietnam, six months away was too long! This time I had the pleasure of exploring central Vietnam, beginning in Hue – the former seat of the Nguyen Dynasty emperors and the national capital from 1802–1945.


21 July 2017

10 Weeks in; Reflections of my SE Asia Travels so far

I had a bit of time to kill at the airport before my flight to Siem Reap, so it was the perfect opportunity to sit back and reflect on my travels so far.
It has now been almost ten weeks since I have been travelling around Southeast Asia, and looking back at the very beginning seems oh so long ago! Not in a negative way of course, I’ve just done and seen so much in the space of ten weeks.


19 July 2017

My Highlight of Phuket: A Cooking Class to Remember!

If you couldn't tell by my multiple pictures of food and specific food-related posts - I am a huge foodie and Thai cuisine is my ultimate favourite in the whole world.
I knew during my second visit to Thailand I wanted to do a local cooking class and learn how to make some of my all-time fave dishes.


17 July 2017

A perfect stay at BYD Lofts, Phuket

My very first time in Phuket kicked off to a fantastic start staying at BYD Lofts Boutique Hotel & Serviced Apartments for three wonderful nights.
I could not have been more impressed by my elegant apartment suite, the friendly service and amazing food. If you are wanting to stay in the Patong Beach area then you honestly should not stay anywhere else (they are after all rated the number one hotel on Trip Advisor in Patong for a reason!).


14 July 2017

Partying in Paradise: Bob's Booze Cruise, Phi Phi Island

I absolutely loved Phi Phi Island - I'm pretty sure it's my new favourite place in the whole of Thailand! I only spent two days and one night there and it definitely wasn't enough, but I had such a fantastic time and that was all thanks to Captain Bob's Booze Cruise.

2 July 2017

Thailand Paradise: Twin Lotus Resort, Koh Lanta

Twin Lotus Resort Koh Lanta is the perfect place to stay for a relaxing getaway in Thailand. From the moment I arrived, I couldn't wipe the smile from my face. Throughout my stay, I felt so placid and relaxed, I only wish I could have stayed for longer in this slice of Thai paradise.

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