20 July 2016

Summer holiday: Travel packing essentials | Bali

I'm so excited that I'm off travelling to Bali, Indonesia today!!! My fiance and I were there only 8 months ago which was our last proper holiday, but we loved it so much that we spontaneously decided to go back. We booked our tickets only 2 and a half weeks ago... I think that's so cool and exciting doing fun impulsive things like this!
We both love to travel and as it's mid-Winter here and my fiance has a bit of time off work, it was the perfect time for a quick getaway to unwind.
We looked into a few options like Malaysia and Thailand as well, but they were a lot more expensive in comparison and take more than 13 hours flying time to get there.


18 July 2016

P A R I S | Top Things To Do!


If you are planning on heading to Paris anytime soon, or if you just want to read about me gushing about the beautiful city - read on!
What excites me most about Paris is the beauty of it, the history, the magnificent architecture, the gorgeous bridges across the river Seine, the food, and the fashion and shopping are incredible, world-class.

This is my first post on Paris which are guides, particularly for first-time visitors. For my top travel tips check out my second post: P A R I S | Top Travel Tips!

12 July 2016

Top things to do in Perth

Western Australia’s capital Perth is a beautiful city overlooking the Indian Ocean.
This vibrant and energetic city dotted with sleek skyscrapers, is home to around two million people.
Map of Perth, WA Its coastal location means it also boasts stunning clean, white sandy beaches. This has helped developed the perfect balance between bustling and carefree which appeals to all kinds of tourists.
Along with expansive green parklands, the Swan River, exotic wineries, fresh seafood and fantastic weather year round, Perth is a great destination to visit that is often over-looked.
Many tourists don’t consider visiting Perth and are drawn to the east coast instead, partly due to not knowing what is on offer there.
It is known as the most isolated capital in the world- but also the sunniest; with an average of eight hours of sunshine every single day.
Due to the booming mining industry Perth is also home to the highest per capita number of self-made millionaires in any city in the world.
Here is a small attraction guide for a glimpse into what you can experience in this marvelous city.

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