1 December 2020

25 Travel Christmas Gift Ideas 2020

Somehow 2020 was simultaneously the slowest and fastest year yet and December has crept up on us out of nowhere. If you're still trying to ponder thoughtful gifts for your loved ones and get that last-minute Christmas shopping over with already, here's some inspiration for the travel-obsessed and those that just can't wait to travel again as. soon. as. possible.

Here are twenty-five favourite gift ideas placed in three easy categories: Stocking Fillers ~ Under $20, Mid-Range Gifts ~ $20 - $50, and Splurge ~ $50+. Please note prices are in New Zealand dollars.

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Stocking Fillers ~ Under $19

Is there a better way to express your travel obsession than with a travel-themed t-shirt? Surprise your globetrotting loved one with this and I bet they'll never take it off.

This travel definition art print is a simple but brilliant idea. Pop it in a nice frame and it will be a standout feature for any shelf or wall.

A great stocking stuffer idea and perhaps another not so subtle way of sharing their wanderlust could be with a delicate world map necklace.

What could be a better way to plan 2021's travel adventures than with a fresh new travel-themed notebook? It's one of those things you can never have too many of.

This is a super handy and inexpensive gift for those that love to take photos on their phone. With this dry bag, you can even snap away underwater (perfect for snorkelling).

An international travel plug adapter is an essential item on any traveller's checklist. Having multiple adapters all in one is highly convenient when travelling to several countries on one trip.

Another great little stocking stuffer, luggage tags are a cute way for the travel-obsessed to share their love of the world via their suitcase.

This is a great gift for those that love solo-travel and anyone you just want to help keep safe. A light, portable safety alarm can be used to alert anyone in situations where help may be needed.

What female traveller wouldn't want an adorable Adventure Awaits makeup bag? It could also be used as a pencil case or for small nicknacks while travelling.

Who else is missing festive European Christmas Markets this year? This documentary is available to rent or buy to help inspire any plans to make up for lost time in 2021.

Mid-Range Gifts ~ $20-$49

This second edition of the Ultimate Travel List looks even better than the first. I got the first one a few years ago and it's a very enjoyable read and highly inspiring for the bucket list.

This sleek and colourful world map laptop sleeve would put a smile on any wanderluster's face, and it also comes with a bonus pouch. Be sure to select the correct size for their laptop.

Portable chargers are a handy item for travellers and those that use their phones constantly throughout the day. They hold multiple charges and take up little room.

Who wouldn't want an iconic cork board map to pin all of the countries you have been to? Or perhaps it could be used to pinpoint the places on that ever-growing bucket list!

If your loved one is a photography enthusiast and doesn't yet have one of these handy mini tripods then this could be a perfect gift. Great for setting up self-timed photos and for vlogging.

A desk globe of any kind is a great statement piece for a wanderluster's home office.  

Similar to the Ultimate Travel List, this is another motivating book filled with 1000 inspiring adventures big and small.

A thoughtful gift to help publicly declare a traveller's wanderlust. Be sure to check what type of phone they have to fit this awesome world map case.

This portable Bluetooth speaker is not only perfect for travelling but useful in daily life as well. It's small, light and the sound quality is great.

Splurge ~ $50+

The Instax Mini-12 is the latest polaroid camera with more improved features including a selfie mirror so you can make sure you're in-frame! (The older models are more affordable). They are a fun travel must-have to capture special moments instantly from all around the world.

If you're wanting to truly spoil someone then a set of high-quality headphones would be the ultimate present. Who wouldn't be grateful to block out every single sound on an aeroplane?

I highly recommend the Muzmm backpack as the perfect carry-on and travel/weekend bag. For more information, head to my blog post and read all about it.

Again, if you wish to spend a bit more, this powerful camera that's able to be used in all elements is a fun must-have for any traveller. The latest models keep getting better and better.

A thoughtful gift for photography enthusiasts, this dome housing for GoPro is the secret to taking those really cool half in water/half above surface shots. In fact, I'd love one myself!

A beautiful and high-quality luggage set is perfect for frequent travellers. I own a stunning Luna Air set myself and highly recommend it, they are durable and glide along next to you like a dream. 

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There you have twenty-five gift ideas for fellow wanderlusters out there, whether a family member, friend, colleague or yourself, I hope you have some fun and practical sparks of gift-giving inspiration for the upcoming festive season.

Let me know which travel-themed goodie is your favourite and if you have any other suggestions - comment below!

(The products are all linked in the titles if you would like prices and more information).

Happy Holidays,

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