17 June 2020

Krysti Jaims Photography

I have always enjoyed photography and documenting moments in time since I was young. It wasn't until I started travelling the world in my mid-twenties that an enormous passion for it unleashed.

Over the last few years since this blog began, I have thoroughly enjoyed learning new skills in photography and Lightroom editing, upgrading my equipment and constantly striving to improve my craft.

As a travel blogger, I have loved having the photography experience of working with hotels, brands, tours and tourism boards around the world.

I have been working on creating my first Photography Portfolio, which I have separated into four categories. You can check them out here:


I'm excited to share that I have recently upgraded my camera (that I bought in early 2017) and invested in an impressive new model, the Sony Alpha A7 Mark III. I have had my eye on it for a long time and since my Japan trip in May got cancelled, my savings were just sitting there whispering in my ear until I caved...

My previous camera was a convenient pocket-sized Sony RX100 IV which was perfect for vlogging and quick snaps on the go. But my new, much larger and more powerful mirrorless camera is going to help take my photography to the next level. (It's also amazing and even better at video too).

I'm looking forward to learning the ins and outs and capturing some stunning images in my own backyard, New Zealand. Once I have mastered my new camera, I would love to work on a future goal of launching my own professional freelance services at Krysti Jaims Photography.

When I picture myself in the future and ask myself what it is I want to do, the answer is photography and travel, so that is what I am going to continue pursuing. If I have learned anything from my years as a freelance blogger, it's that if you work hard enough and stick to it (don't give up), it will eventually pay off.

If you are interested in any photography/social media services for now or in the future, please email me at krystijaims@gmail.com, I'd love to hear from you!

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