12 April 2018

Red Rock Canyon by E-Bike: A Fun Must-Do in Las Vegas

Excited to be heading to Las Vegas, and not being much of a gambler, I spent a bit of time researching some fun activities to do during the day.

I had heard of Red Rock Canyon in Nevada’s Mojave Desert which is estimated to be 180-190 million years old, and was pleasantly surprised to find out it was less than half an hour away from The Strip.

I came across EZ Ride LV by their glowing reviews on Trip Advisor and loved the sound of their tour. They are a self-guided electric bike tour company which means you can enjoy the beautiful scenery at your own pace and stop whenever you please.
I had never been on an electric bike before so I was most excited to try it out! 

Red Rock Canyon E-Bike Tour

I went for an afternoon tour and it was only a twenty minute Uber ride to the meeting point. I met with one of the family-business owners, Laurent, who allowed me to change my tour day at the last minute - he was very flexible and accommodating.

I was given a refresher on how to use the gears correctly and took the e-bike for a little spin around the carpark to be sure I was confident to go off on my own. 
I was given a map and clear instructions on how to get to the Red Rock Canyon entrance where it is then a 13-mile one-way scenic route.

I was also provided with a correctly-fitted helmet, riding gloves, two bottles of cold water and two snack bars for the journey. I was even offered a jacket in case I got cold, but I was lucky and got a nice and warm sunny day - so I did accept the offer of sunscreen!

I was off towards the National Conservation Area. It was an easy 4.5-mile ride there and the surroundings steadily became more and more impressive.

Red Rock Canyon's 13-mile scenic road is a one-way loop which is shared by vehicles, hikers and cyclists alike. There are multiple scenic stops along the way which are well signposted with information, many offering their own unique hiking trails amongst the incredible geological features.

I marvelled at the towering red sandstone peaks, the Sand Dunes Frozen in Time, the Sandstone Quarry and the stunning panoramic viewing spots dotted throughout the ride.
I chose to hop off at multiple points to have a closer look.

The e-bike was very easy and comfortable to ride. It looks like an ordinary bicycle and is equipped with large battery capacity and a 450-watt motor capable of going up to 20 miles per hour. 
You pedal to activate the motor and while the bike does do a lot of the work for you, it is still quite a good work out, especially after 22 miles all up!

I was extremely impressed going up a hill when I zipped past what looked like a professional cyclist with the utmost ease.

There is a screen on the front where you can see how fast you are going and other useful information.

I was keeping my eyes peeled for wildlife!
Sandstone Quarry Area
I can't tell you how much I enjoyed being out amongst such beautiful nature while exercising - it's something I wish I did a lot more often because it's such a fantastic feeling.

The landscape is completely different to anything I've ever seen before - it was even my first time seeing native cacti (that doesn't come in a pot plant).

Each of the miles is marked along the way and at about mile 6 was a beautiful high lookout point where I had a bit of a rest and soaked up the surroundings.

I also enjoyed one of the trail mix bars which was a great source of energy. I had the e-bike for a full three hours and was glad to be able to ride around leisurely and stop wherever I pleased.

There is a Visitors Center at the entrance/end if you wish to take a look but I didn't feel the need to.
It was an easy ride back to the meeting point where Laurent came to collect the e-bike and equipment. My legs definitely felt like jelly by then - but that's because I hadn't cycled in years! (I enjoyed it so much though that it made me want to buy a bike when I got home).

The Details

The tour: EzRideLV Electric Bike self-guided tour

Time: Two tours run daily at 9 am and 1 pm, both for three hours

Price: $79 USD per person with no pick-up included, or $99 with hotel pick-up

Reviews: 5/5 stars on Trip Advisor out of 169 reviews

Final Thoughts

I couldn't recommend EZ Ride LV's E-bike tours enough, it was such a fantastic way to see Red Rock Canyon and a very memorable afternoon.

This tour would be a great activity for families, couples, friends and solo travellers alike. Even children are more than welcome as their e-bikes come in different sizes to suit all riders.
All ages and levels of fitness would enjoy this tour as the powerful bike really does most of the work.

It's the perfect fun activity to get out and away from the city lights for a few hours to soak up some fresh air and truly stunning nature.

Being self-guided was quite relaxing and each site was well marked and explained along the way.

Right from the beginning the communication with Laurent was great and you can tell they really care about their customers. The bikes were great quality and the tour is excellent value for money.

E-biking through the Red Rock Canyon was an amazing experience that I will never forget and I would 100% love to do it again on my next trip back to Las Vegas.

Would you be up for e-biking the Red Rock Canyon? It's definitely worth putting on the bucket list!

Want to know what else to do in Vegas? Check out my post on Five Fun Things to do in Las Vegas (besides Gambling).

Happy Travels,
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  1. That is a great activity to do. I went to Vegas with my daughter, we did not gambling, just touring. I will do that next I go there.

  2. What an awesome excursion! We are flying to Vegas in two months to drive to Zion National Park, but I am going to look up this park and see if we can add it to our itinerary!

  3. I have never heard of e-bikes but this is a genius idea and I am totally keeping it in mind!!

  4. How many tortoises did you see? I would LOVE to start biking.. do they have biking events that you can enter with a child rider.. hmm you just sparked my intrest thank you!

    Also dont bike and photograph 😉you might hurt your self.. just kidding but you took some fabulous photos


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