1 September 2016

A Wanderluster's Travel Blog

It's the 1st of September and I'm so excited to launch my new 'travel blog' theme!
For those that may not know- I started off as a lifestyle blog earlier this year, then merged into 'travel and lifestyle,' and now as of September I am diving head-first into travel.

I did enjoy writing about a range of topics, but after 6 months I have decided that travel is a better niche for me to focus on as it is absolutely my biggest joy in life.
I have discovered such a passion for blogging and I am working hard towards trying to build a career for myself in travel writing/blogging. It would definitely be my ultimate dream job!

I have removed the majority of my non-travel related posts, however I have kept a few of my most favourite (that I couldn't bare to delete!), as well as a few sponsored posts and collaborations which I am entitled to keep. So the majority of my posts will be travel, with just a splash of lifestyle thrown in there as well.

Going forward I have so much to write about and I have many ideas, stories and adventures I can share. I'm enjoying writing travel guides and have plenty up my sleeve to keep me busy for quite a while! I also have two new countries I'm visiting before the end of the year which is very exciting.

Dreaming of my next adventure :)

I have six new categories I will be separating my posts into:

Asia, Europe, Oceania (the continents I have been to)
Destination Guide (specific guides/tips on certain places)
Travel Diary (my own travel stories and experiences)
Travel Tips (all travel tips and advice)

You can easily find and view all of my blog posts under their new categories (some of course do cross over) at the top of the page header titled 'Blog Posts' or the direct link is: here.

Stay tuned for plenty of posts coming very soon, I am working hard to fill each category and write good quality content for this blog.

Lastly, a couple of weeks ago I finally created a Facebook page for my blog, so if you haven't already I'd really appreciate a 'like.' Keep up to date with all of my upcoming posts as well as any interesting happenings going on in my life!

I'd like to thank everyone for their continued support. Every read and share is so appreciated and really helps me as I keep working towards my dream of turning this hobby of mine hopefully into a future career!

Thanks for reading and happy first of Spring! (or Autumn),



  1. You just launched? Welcome to the blogosphere! Can't wait to see what is in store for you, I have been looking for a good travel blog for a while now.

  2. I love reading travel blogs! Best of luck on this new change with your blog! It sounds like it will continue to be a fun read! - Amy @ http://thegiftedgabber.com

  3. Good luck. I love travelling through less worn paths. Europe and Asia are my favourite places. I like to get lost and see what I stumble upon along the way.

  4. Good luck on the change.. it's a great feeling when you are able to find what we love and how to focus on it. look forward to seeing, reading upcoming posts


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