5 August 2016

Surfing in Australia: Where to catch the best waves

Australia, where I am currently living is world-renowned as a fantastic destination for surfing.
This is due to it’s vast and varied 50,000 km coastline offering both steady swells and fantastic point breaks. The stunning clear waters, colourful reefs, and white sandy beaches also add to it’s great appeal.
If you asked people from all over the world what kind of people/stereotypes they would say about Australians, many would answer with words like- tanned, blonde hair, surfy, and beachy. Because it's absolutely true!
Many Australians consider surfing as a way of life, it' such a fantastic thrilling sport and hobby. More than 85% of Australians live within 50 kilometres of the coast; it is right on their doorstep.
With an estimated 18 million surfers globally, today the sport attracts a wide range of people of all ages.
If you’re eager to catch the best waves possible, here are three of the top Australian surfing destination you should consider.

Yallingup, West Australia

Yallingup is a small resort town that is situated in the Margaret River region of Western Australia. Famed for its wineries, it has also become one of the West Coast’s most popular surfing destinations. The first surfers arrived in the 50's and it has been growing in popularity ever since! There are several breaks here, which vary from gentle to gigantic. This makes Yallingup an accessible surf spot for both experts and beginners alike.
There is plenty of fantastic accommodation in Yallingup close to the beaches to wake up in the morning, grab your board and go!
If you want a break from surfing, you can explore life underwater too. Snorkeling is another amazing activity to try while you are here, and there is plenty to discover.
The beaches, limestone caves and nearby national parks are also worth a visit.
While you might want to spend your entire trip surfing, there are plenty of other things to keep you busy and make the most of your Australian visit.

Torquay, Victoria

To the south-east of Australia, you will find the state of Victoria, one of the country's most populated regions. Located on the coast is the quaint town of Torquay, which is home to the famous Bells Beach. With surging surf, this beach is for the more experienced riders.
In Torquay dose up on your surf culture, as many consider this the place where Australian surfing began, which gives it enormous importance. Each wave you catch will feel like a step back in time, and the surf is known to often reach five metres and more.
The Rip Curl Pro surfing competition is also held here, which brings professional surfers from all over the world to it’s shores. It's one of the most sought after titles on the World Championship Tour. As well as riding the waves yourself, you can also enjoy watching as a spectator too.
Try to book well in advance to avoid disappointment, especially if you wish to come for the Pro surfing competitions!

Snapper Rocks, Queensland

Along the Golden coast of Queensland (close to where I live) in eastern Australia, you will find the picturesque Snapper Rocks.
It is a point break, which as of 2007 forms the first part of the man-made ‘Super Bank’ surf break.
This has become world famous for having the most consistent, hollow and long lasting waves- making it every surfer’s paradise.
On a good day over 500 surfers can be counted over the 2 kilometre distance.
It’s for this reason why many Australian surfing competitions are held here and why many pro surfers make it their local haunt. The swell is known to reach heights of eight feet and has the power to carry you for the whole two kms! 
If you want to try this sand bottomed break first hand, start booking now! It's a destination not to be missed.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, these Australian surfing hotspots are an absolute must. As the famous Australian saying goes "So what the bloody hell are you waiting for?" -grab your board and your passport to discover them for yourself and the many delights of the land Down Under!

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*This post is a collaboration and contains images that are not my own.

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